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A little about Laz

Born and raised in Miami, Florida to two Cuban parents, I grew up in a true melting pot. The diversity of experience found in South Florida proved to be invaluable in shaping who I've become today. My resourcefulness, curiosity, personability, and sense of humor are a few traits that I thank the people in my life for imparting on me.

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My first real career move was learning a trade. When I was 19 I joined the Apprenticeship Program of my local IBEW, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. The program consisted of schoolwork and working in the field, with most of my experience being gained on the job. My biggest life lessons learned from that time in my life were that learning primarily happens through action (actually doing the thing you're learning about), and that I could learn anything I set my mind to.

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I've always had a knack towards the arts. Whether it was film, music, painting, or building, I was always working on something. With a supportive and fun group of friends, my ideas grew into (usually silly) works of art. Works of art that were often very amusing to friends and family.

My parents had always encouraged a good work ethic and independence, helping me build the tools I'd need to make it through life. Moving out on my own really served to solidify my shift into adulthood.

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After 5 years of learning and working as an apprentice, I graduated from the program and gained the title of Journeyman Wireman. From there I decided to experience a different part of the country, the Pacific Northwest. Here I've worked the trade for another 2 years before deciding to expand my horizons.

In search of new challenges, opportunities for growth, and new connections, I've decided to further my education and build my online presence.

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