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In July of 2023, some new friends invited me to join their creative writing group. 

While I am a highly creative person, writing stories has always taken a back seat in my life. I'm happy that has changed.

The following writings are written in a manner to be read out loud. Things like punctuation and formatting may not fit traditional standards but, when I read them aloud, they flow well.

The more I write, the more I improve. You will most likely notice a difference in quality if you read multiple stories. If you do, that means I'm focused on improving, and that is my goal.

I hope you enjoy reading these as I've enjoyed writing them.


October 13, 2023



September 30, 2023

A Planet's Last Son

"You've spent you're entire life stuck on a remote island alone. Now you must journey to civilization..."

July 29, 2023

The Merchant's Last Tale

"The Alleyway was full of eyes..."

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