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My portfolio is a testament to my passion for creation. I take pride in the work I produce and strive to deliver high-quality content that engages and informs the intended audience.

Whether you need a keyword optimized blog post, engaging social media copy, creative ad design, or a stunning landing page, I have the skills and experience to deliver results. Explore my recent projects and contact me to learn more.

Here you can see my workflow for producing keyword optimized articles using AI tools. The tool does a large part of the research and a fair amount of writing.

These articles were written by me without the help of AI and show my ability to convey a message and conduct topic research.

Green Energy

The True Cost



Here's another workflow of me using generative AI tools along with Hootsuite to create, refine, and schedule content for my personal accounts.

Here are a couple of the videos made after the three made in the above workflow.

I'm proud of them because them shows my ability to adapt and grow, as the three videos before this one didn't have a strong hook and only used images.

Colorful Lights


Here are some examples of media created for ads or promotional material. Some of the content below was filmed and edited by me, some are edited by me but use stock images and video.

Examples of

Instagram Reels

Here are a few short videos made for a client with the goal of raising engagement. Website visits increased by 500% as a result.

Web Design

Feel free to check out the rest of my site for examples of web design. Below are some screenshots of my marketing site.

My web design primarily happens on Wix, allowing the client to easily manage the site should they choose to do it themselves.

Studio Sage Home Screenshot.png
Studio Sage Services Screenshot.png

Logo Design

Below are some logos made with a combination of generative AI and image editing.

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